The play is based on Werner Fritsch’s “Nico−Sphinx of Ice”

Production: Studentski kulturni centar Novi Sad
Directed by: Milica Grujičić
Cast: Aleksandra Pejić, Anja Orelj, Jelena Asanović / Sonja Leštar, Jelena Galović, Jelena Graovac,
Maja Šuša, Višnja Obradović

Music: Predrag Vernački
Costume: Nataša Jovičić
Light: Irena Savičić
Poster design: Miroslav Kostić
Movement: Milica Cerović
Photography: Vladimir Sekulić
Sound: Miloš Romić
Premiere: 2014
Duration: 105 minutes


The basic question put forward by the play is the question of FREEDOM, its meaning, its appreciation, and the means of reaching it. Is freedom something we carry in ourselves, in our mind or heart, or is it something we gradually achieve? How do we fight for it and are our paths towards freedom often wrong and dangerous? Does freedom become the real freedom only when it comes together with responsibility? What is freedom of the will, what is volition, desire, creation, denial, empathy? These are the questions brought up by this play’s concept.

Depiction of the characters of Christa Päffgen Nico and the Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison, Alain Delon, Bob Dylan, and others, and reflections on the symbols of a woman, mother,  heroin addict, revolution, Germany, give this play the character of a rock drama.

The premiere was held in Novi Sad at SKCNS Fabrika on 1st November 2014, and since then the play has been staged twice at Belgrade’s Mikser House and a few more times at its original stage in Fabrika. The play NICO was performed at the closing of the “Theatre Week 2016” held in Fabrika.


The institution of the Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad (SKCNS) was founded by the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, as part of the educational infrastructure of the region, and is financed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

SKCNS is a significant institution for the cultural life of young people in Novi Sad. Its work encompasses literary, theatrical, musical, and visual arts. SKCNS insists on genuine artistic value, and in doing so, it plays an important educational role for young people. It especially aims at promoting  young talents.

In the theatrical domain, SKCNS organizes performances by touring theatre groups, both professional and amateur.

Note – WEBTV / 03.12.2014 – interview Milica Grujičić i Jelena Graovac – WATCH >> HERE

Note – Blic/ 02.12.2014 – hosting announcement at Mikser House – READ>> HERE

Note – RTV / 29.10.2014 – premiere announcement at Fabrika – WATCH>> HERE

NIKO – program booklet

Minimal dimensions of the stage: 15×8 m


-4 x Robe color spot 575
-12 x Fresnel 1kw
-6 x Robe Robin led wash 300

Avolites Titan Mobile ( Software 6.1-9.1)



– 4 active or passive loudspeakers with speaker stands (speaker power needs to be at least 300W), appropriate cables (electricity and signal cables for active loudspeakers, or speaker cables for passive loudspeakers), cables should be long enough so that the speakers could be placed on the corresponding spots (distant corners of the audience)
Note: Passive speakers should be accompanied by the adequate amplifier.
– a 12-channel mixer (not DJ mixer) with effects processor
– two sets of wireless microphones (handheld)
– 1 laptop

– 1 black sofa / two-seater
– 1 black armchair
– 1 old black bicycle
– 1 large supermarket trolley
– 1 floor standing lamp with lamp shade
– Transparent fishing nylon
– 1 tea table
– 1 projector
– 1 laptop
– 1 microphone stand with wider boom arm
– 1 Disco ball






Body & Mind Institute

Hotel Gymnas

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