Accidental One is a hard rock band from Rijeka. It was formed in 2009 when two best friends – Marko Vlah (guitar) and Goran Križan (drums) found a singer – Ružica Bubanj. In 2014, Dragan Simić (bass) joines the band and the crew is complete. The band released their first demo album called „Dirty Demo Rock“ in 2015. The band’s set list, aside from their own songs, contains a number of hard rock/heavy metal covers of bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and many others…


Ružica Bubanj (Rosy Drums) – Vocals

Marko Vlah – Guitar

Dragan Simić – Bass Guitar

Goran Križan  – Drums


1. Political – listen
2. Another life – listen
3. Ocean – listen
4. Between the lines – listen
5. Curse – listen
6. Dirty Rock – listen
7. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover) – listen

LYRICS – Political | Another life | Ocean | Between the lines | Curse | Dirty Rock | White Rabbit



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